Welcome to the MGW Alliance page. For those that don't know MGW stands for Mutant Gnome Warlords  and was formed on the browser game ogame. The alliance was originally called The McAuley God of War. I decided that now the Alliance is expanding it should get a web site so I have set aside a section of my website to be our alliance page.

We are a laid back clan pretty much anyone can join. We aren't overly fused with proving that we are the best but it's always fun to win. I ogame (uni 6) we are now in the top 100 so joining will be good protection. As for Xbox live we have only just started so not many members. If you want to join apply. We may have the odd clan match but there will be no pressure to play. All we ask across both Xbox live and ogame is that you are up for a laugh.

Just below is a link to a forum that I created so that our alliance can have better communication and outside members can contact us with ease.

I have created a brand new better forum Here is the link

We now have an event calendar so I can schedule matches. Here is the link

MGW is now also active in both Chromehounds and Rainbow Six : Las Vegas on Xbox live
Joining in ogame couldn't be easier just search for MGW and apply if we like you your in.
Xbox Live
Well I have made a new registration form for anyone wanting to join on Xbox live. Don't worry if you think that this is some sort on test it's not. It's just so I know a little about the clan members. Follow this link to apply
We are currently affiliated with the Democratic Republic of Tarakia so any player wanting to join will need to join Tarakia. If you would like to join add me to your friends list and we can chat my gamertag is Short Cipher.

Rainbow Six : Las Vegas

Unlike Chromehounds rainbow has no clan system active so all members will be listed here. If you would like to join just add my to your friends list GT: Short Cipher.

Gears of War

Well yep I'm going of this game personally but we are still active there.


Any questions about MGW, this website, the forum or Xbox live clans just email me.

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