Why should you give me your money?

 Well I know it all seems like a rather stupid thing to do but here are a few things to think about. 

There are thousands of web sites out there who will lie to you and tell you that you will get something for your money or that something will happen if you don't give then it. Well I don't make any such claims I simply want someone to give me money and would really like it to be you. It's probably the worlds first ever honest scam if there is such a thing.

If your still not convinced then think about this. How many times have you phoned a premium rate phone number to complain about a broken product when you could have emailed them for free or even worse there was the head office number available on their website that is charged at a local rate. Almost everybody as purchased a product that was in an offer and never used it. Most people have received a phone call offering them a free car, holiday or phone (as if you don't have one already) and a large percentage of people reply to these to find out all they have really won is a large phone bill and if lucky a keying. These are all different levels of scams run by people who want your money. I also want your money but I'm not going lie to you or offer you a car I simply want your money. It's like begging on a world wide scale.

Well know that you have heard my reasoning I will leave you the choice to give me money the transactions are handled by PayPal so are safe and secure. If you are are still unconvinced about giving me money the look at where the money goes email other wise feel free to go and be scammed by other sites offering false treasures.

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